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At the age of six, long before I found out about TV and movies, I was given a stereoscope slide. Each slide-reel contained about ten small slides, which focused on a specific topic, such as animal types, capital cities and sites from around the world, cartoon characters, etc.

The magic I experienced while watching these slides, holding it against a bright light source that illuminated and revealed wonderful and unknown worlds, is still with me.

My curiosity and the desire to know and understand the beauty and complexity of the world, brought me later to study cinematography. 

Cinematography is an adventure and a journey. It includes traveling to distant places, traveling in time, meeting people from different cultures and engaging in important issues such as identity, social and political conflicts, art, history and memory.

I shot my first film with a super 8 mm camera, went through all the available formats and today I use state-of-the-art digital cameras. With each of these transitions and technological changes, I was guided by one basic principle - to know and understand each new technology in depth so it can serve me in telling the story of the film and bring out the characters and the atmosphere.

The exposure of the films I shot at many festivals, cinemas and broadcast channels and the cinematography awards I received over the years, are a recognition that my cinematic expression through the camera is right.


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